Help for employers

Each year, Nova Scotia welcomes thousands of new immigrants. They play a critical role in supplying the province’s labour market.

Of the more than 2,500 immigrants who arrived in 2013, 66% were economic immigrants and their families.

The majority of these immigrants were directly selected by Nova Scotia to meet the needs of our economy.

Hiring an immigrant has many advantages and benefits

Internationally trained workers are highly motivated to achieve success in their new jobs and in their new communities. This translates into a strong work ethic and high level of dedication to your organization and the new job opportunity you have offered them.

Meeting increasing labour demands

Our population is aging and our workforce is shrinking. More people are retiring from the labour market than entering it, resulting in a severe shortage of skilled workers. Immigrants currently have a labour force participation rate that is 8.9% lower than the non-immigrant population. This untapped resource represents an opportunity to address this skills shortage.

Getting the competitive advantage

Many internationally trained workers possess high levels of skills and work experience, offering a global perspective to your organization. Most immigrants are well educated and motivated for success : according to Census Canada, immigrants are more than twice as likely to have completed a university degree, and more than ten times as likely to hold a doctorate degree.

Developing new markets and growing networks

Staff that speak other languages and understand other corporate cultures can help you access global markets and broaden your client base. Internationally trained workers have knowledge of international business practices and are often linked to international networks of potential customers, business partners, and opportunities.

Improving innovation

Immigrant workers bring fresh perspectives and approaches to work processes, management styles and business relationships. This diversity will improve problem solving and bring new ideas and innovation that can act as a catalyst in your organization.