Common Immigration And Population Growth Policies

Immigration and Population Growth policies that are common to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program and the Atlantic Immigration Program. Current policies include:

211 community and social services

211 is a service offered in Nova Scotia to help residents find community and social services. By dialing 211 on your phone or visiting the 211 website, users will easily and quickly be connected to the community and social services they need, wherever they are in the province. 211 offers interpretation services for over 100 languages.

Move Here

Live Here

Tools and Programs

Necessary Documents

Banking Programs for Newcomers


Language Training

Health Care

Mental Health Resources

Child Care


Legal Services



Work Here


Regional Resources

Help for Employers

Useful Tools and Guides

Seeking out candidates

Hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker

Hiring an International Student or Graduate

Universities’ Programs

Acadia University

Dalhousie University

Mount Saint Vincent University

Nova Scotia Agriculture College (Dalhousie)

St. FX University

Saint Marys University

Cape Breton University

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

Welcoming Communities

Community Support Programs