Finding a Job

As the Nova Scotia economy grows, more opportunities are opening up for skilled immigrants. However, the job market remains competitive, so it is in your best interest to plan your job search.

Cover letter & resume

In Canada, a resume tells employers about your skills, objectives, experience and qualifications. It is an important determining factor in considering you for a job. A resume is normally sent with a cover letter. A cover letter introduces yourself, and your qualifications and abilities. You can find resume writing tips on the Career Connections website.

The key to job searching is to get your resume into the right people’s hands. You can do this by using contacts and networking, or circulating your resume through open submissions. The most common means of job searching is to respond to job postings or listings online.

Job search websites

There are a number of websites dedicated to listing vacancies in Nova Scotia. These include job boards, government agencies, and job recruitment agencies. If you have an employer in mind, it is also a good idea to watch the “career” section of their website on a regular basis, if one exists.

ISANS Service Skills Match

With Skills Match Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is helping immigrant job seekers connect with employers in Nova Scotia.

Please refer to the Work Here section of our Resources page for more links to job search help.

NOTE: The Internet can be a great tool for job hunting. However, job posting scams are also on the rise. A legitimate employer will never ask you for money for courses, training materials, or equipment. Be wary of any postings that seem “too good to be true” – they probably are, especially if found on job forums that anyone can post to.