History and Culture

One of the first established areas in Canada, Nova Scotia has a diverse history of aboriginal, Gaelic, Acadian, and African cultures that dates back hundreds of years and, in the case of the Mi’kmaw, thousands of years.

Nova Scotia is home to more than 100 cultures and ethnicities from all over the globe.

Our history and diversity is seen reflected in the many museums, festivals and events held in cities, towns and communities throughout the province. It is also expressed in our music, art, food and traditions.

Welcoming diversity

Formed in 1975, the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) reflects the needs of Nova Scotia’s multicultural communities. It helps promote multicultural education, information-sharing and equality. MANS hosts a large multicultural festival held annually in Halifax, as well as several other cultural events, conferences and forums throughout the year.

Heritage and historic sites

Nova Scotia boasts 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 26 Canadian National Historic Sites. These sites tell century old stories of adventure, creativity, discovery and cultural diversity. Because it is so easy to travel from one end of the province to the other, you can easily visit several of these sites in one day.