Healthy Communities

With a population of under 1 million, community is very important in Nova Scotia. The many groups and organizations across the province help strengthen community bonds in every city, town and village. This is one of the reasons Nova Scotians have become known worldwide as happy, friendly, and inviting people.

Easy access to healthy food

Having access to healthy, local food is easy in Nova Scotia. In fact, the oldest farmers’ market in Canada is in Halifax. Today, farmers’ markets can be found across the province so families can access fresh, local ingredients all year long. With so much coastline, Nova Scotia is also well known as one of the world’s best sources of fresh seafood, including scallops, lobster, oysters, mussels and more.

Nova Scotia has the highest number of farmers’ markets per capita in Canada.

Local produce, meat, seafood, eggs, milk and specialty products are also available in grocery stores and pick-your-own farms throughout Nova Scotia. Visit the Select Nova Scotia website to learn more about where to buy local food.