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Nova Scotia has some of the top ranked educational institutions in Canada. In fact, in 2018, five of the top 20 universities in Canada, offering primarily undergraduate programs, were in Nova Scotia. We also have the highest concentration of universities by population, with no less than 10 universities and under 1 million people.

Nova Scotia has the highest number of university graduates per capita in Canada. In Halifax, 1 out of every 4 people has a post-secondary degree.

From undergraduate degrees in almost any area of study, to graduate degrees in medicine, dentistry, business, engineering, education, fine arts and more, Nova Scotia has something to offer for anyone interested in pursuing post-secondary studies.

Whether studying in the urban centre or in more rural surroundings, students in Nova Scotia benefit from being part of a close, safe community with an exceptional quality of life. International students find many opportunities to meet friends, become involved with the variety of organizations, and participate in many events held both on and off campus.

Those interested in studying in Nova Scotia need to apply for a study permit through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.