Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Immigration Program is a federal immigration program that helps employers recruit skilled foreign workers and international graduates to meet labour needs.

This new employer-driven program builds on the success of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, which closed in 2021. Participants in the pilot program must reapply to use the permanent program.

The Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration has temporarily paused the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) and the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry (NSEEE) stream to NOC 62020 – food service supervisors. The following are currently not eligible:

  • Under NSEEE, work experience with NOC 62020
  • Under AIP, job offers with NOC 62020

Currently, transport truck drivers (NOC 73300) applications are not being accepted by Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Immigration Program. Transport trucking employers are encouraged to use the Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s Skilled Worker stream, Occupations in Demand stream or Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry.


To participate in the Atlantic Immigration Program, employers must first be approved by being designated and then have their positions endorsed by the Province.

Once the employer’s positions are endorsed, foreign worker(s) identified by the employer can apply directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residency. The foreign worker can also get a temporary work permit while waiting for permanent residency.

How to Apply

Applications for designation and endorsement must be submitted using the online system. Sample application forms below are not an accepted form of submission.

Apply Online


1. Employer Designation

To become designated, an employer must:

Employer Designation Guide
Changes – Designation Guide
Sample Designation Form
Use of a Representative (AIP 50 Form)

2. Employer Position Endorsement

To have a position endorsed, an employer must:

Employer Endorsement Guide
Changes – Endorsement Guide
Sample Endorsement Form
IMM0157E Job Offer Form
Nova Scotia Employer Registration Certificate
Use of a Representative (AIP 50 Form)

3. Foreign Worker Immigration Application

To apply for permanent residency foreign workers must:

Provincial AIP Resources

AIP – Employer Tips

AIPP – AIP Major Changes

Required Recruitment Activities

Common NSIPG Policies

Designated employers

Contact Information

To learn more about the Atlantic Immigration Program, please contact our Employer Support Team. We’re here to help.

Write to:

Labour, Skills and Immigration
Immigration and Population Growth

PO Box 697
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3J 2T8

Visit in Person:

Labour, Skills and Immigration
Immigration and Population Growth

1505 Brenton Street, 4th Floor (Maritime Centre)
Halifax, NS B3J 3K5


Telephone: (902) 424-5230
Toll Free in Nova Scotia: 1-877-292-9597