AIP and Prospective Immigrants

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a federal immigration program and is separate from our Provincial Nominee Program. Individuals cannot apply for the pilot.

The AIP is an employer driven program. This means that employers apply to be designated under the AIP.

We encourage individuals with an interest in the program to find a job offer.

The employer may be designated or may choose to become designated when they find a foreign national they wish to hire.

Employment resources can be found at Careers Nova Scotia.  Additional employment resources are available elsewhere on our website.

Please note that there is no list of designated employers.

The AIP is only one of the many streams available through the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. Visit Immigrate Here to review our provincial nominee streams and determine if there is one that best suits your experience and qualifications.

The federal government also has immigration programs for both permanent residence and temporary visas that you may want to consider. You can find more information about Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s programs by visiting their website.