Dr. Anil Makkar

Dentist – Truro

Building two successful businesses in Truro


Although Dr. Anil Makkar, and, by coincidence his wife to be, Neeraj, both arrived in Canada from New Delhi, India 42 years ago, they have not forgotten how their new life here began. The Makkars and their two boys Sanjay 15, and Sunil 11, settled in this community in June 1989, after Dr. Makkar graduated from Dalhousie Dental School.

In 1999, Dr. Makkar opened Victoria Court Dental and today in his location at Eagles Nest Building located on Prince Street, he and his six associates offer a range of services including cosmetic dentistry and TMJ therapy.

It was Dr. Makkar’s father Som, a school teacher in New Dehli, who decided in 1960 he wanted a “better life” for his kids, on both a personal and professional level so he applied for and accepted a teaching position in Kennetcook, N.S.

Dr. Makkar recalls, when he was eleven, the advice his father Som gave to the three Makkar children. “…in this country (Canada) if you want to make it you have to be your own boss. So you should consider a career as a dentist, accountant, lawyer, engineer…”.

The advice did not fall on deaf ears. Dr. Makkar’s brother, Dr. Rajeev Makkar is head of Respiratory Therapy at the Colchester Regional Hospital and his sister Dr. Nina Makkar has a medical practice at Village Family Physicians in Bible Hill.

It’s now 17 years since Dr. Makkar began practicing dentistry in Truro. And, if holding down his own dentistry practice and being a dedicated family man were not enough, he recently formed a new company – Pure Power Athletics Incorporated. In 3 short years this business has captured international attention with the introduction of a power mouthguard being used by professional athletes throughout North America. These include many NHL, NFL and NBA team members.

Dr. Makkar’s friendly nature and entrepreneurship have been welcomed and appreciated, indicated by the success he and his family have enjoyed in our community.