Hiring an immigrant has many advantages and benefits

Internationally trained workers are highly motivated to achieve success in their new jobs and community. This translates into a strong work ethic and high level of dedication.

Meeting increasing labour demands

Our population is aging. More people are retiring from the workplace than entering it and the result is a severe shortage of labour. Immigrants currently have a labour force participation rate that is 8.9% lower than the non-immigrant population. This represents an untapped resource that can be used to address this shortage.

Getting the competitive advantage

Many internationally trained workers possess high levels of skills, enabling them to compete for jobs on a global scale. In fact, according to Census Canada, immigrants are more than twice as likely to come equipped with a university education, and more than ten times as likely to hold a doctorate degree. These highly-specialized abilities and areas of knowledge can help your organization compete on national and international levels.

Developing new markets and growing networks

Employing staff that speak other languages and understand other corporate cultures is paramount to opening up your organization to global business and niche local markets that have not yet been tapped. Internationally trained workers are also often linked into international networks of potential candidates, business partners, and opportunities for your business to take advantage of.

Increasing efficiency

In addition to new language capabilities and business cultures, immigrant workers bring fresh perspectives on work processes, management styles and human relationships. This helps to make your organization more effective and act as a catalyst for new and improved ways of thinking.